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Different Styles of Lighting Fixtures in Los Angeles

The way we experience the world is largely visual and to see, we need light. How the lighting is arranged in any setting has a great effect in establishing mood and creating ambiance. The skilled designer has a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose from when making recommendations for your Los Angeles home or business. Some of the different styles of lights and their uses are discussed below  to give you some ideas, if you are considering remodeling or renovation.

High Level Lights

For a bold statement that always attracts attention, you can’t beat a chandelier. Modern designs come in an exciting range of colors to add to the traditional clear glass. Used for general lighting, chandeliers are a popular choice in any room of the house, even the bathroom, as they add a touch of luxury.

Lights that are set flush against the ceiling provide general light and have a more utilitarian aspect. They work particularly well in areas with low ceilings, where there is insufficient headroom for a hanging light.

Pendant lights can be used to provide general light or task lighting if they hang lower and so create a smaller pool of light. In a restaurant, for example, pendant lights hanging over each table create a series of intimate areas.

Recessed lights set into ceilings have become a popular feature in recent years. Both wide angle and narrow spotlights are available, enabling them to give general light or more focused task lighting. A series of recessed lights across a ceiling fitted with lighting controls allows some or all of the lights to be on at any one time to create different moods. 

Track lighting, with multiple lamps that can be focused on different areas, makes a great option for task and accent lighting, although, at ceiling height, it is not such an easy job to change the angle at which each light is set.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are generally used to provide accent lighting. A light positioned over a picture or in an alcove with a display of collectibles, for example, draws attention and shows them off to good effect. Over a mirror or above a table, wall lights create task lighting and can save on the space that a free standing lamp would need.

A series of up-lighters on the wall can create a more interesting pattern of light and shadow than a central ceiling mounted light, but may need to be supplemented with task lighting.

A popular choice in kitchens, lights set under wall cabinets provide good task lighting for kitchen worktops and can show off decorative splash back tiles at the same time.

Free Standing Lamps

Lamps offer versatility as you can easily move them but have the drawback of taking up floor or table space and have trailing wires which may spoil the clean lines of your overall design. Most suitable for task lighting, or for mood lighting, lamps can be found in most rooms in the home. For the creative person, it is a fairly simple job to make a lamp out of just about anything to express you individuality.

Once you have decided what kind of lighting fixtures you wish you use, then you have the task of identifying the exact design that will meet your requirements.  Consider the use of dimmer switches and lighting controls to further personalize you lighting scheme. If you are looking for new lamps in your kitchen or bathroom, you can only use fixtures that are designed for wet areas, for reasons of safety. Many electrical contractors offer excellent advice on lighting for both residential and commercial settings. Then can source and install the lighting fixtures that are suitable for the purpose, bringing a whole new look to your home or business in Los Angeles.