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The Complete Electrical Service for Property Managers in Los Angeles

Whether you are managing the property of the company you work for or a large portfolio on behalf of a landlord, you know that being able to call on reputable contractors and tradespeople to deal with emergency situations as well as routine inspection and maintenance is a key factor in your success. When looking for a contractor to provide you with a complete electrical service in Los Angeles, there are several factors to consider beyond the usual information that a homeowner would need to worry about.

Of course, you will need to find an organization that holds a C10 Contractors license for electrical work from the California Contractors State License Board. You can easily check the status of any license on their website. In addition, you should check that they have the requisite insurance, the guarantees that they offer, and that their workforce is correctly certified.

It makes sense to establish a program of routine inspection and maintenance of all the electrics in the properties.  Regular maintenance and dealing with minor issues as they arise and before they become serious problems has been shown to extend the useful life of electrical equipment and save money in the long term. Planning ahead for major renovations or additional servicing when the property is unoccupied between tenancies can help to keep your business running smoothly. You are also going to need a contractor who can guarantee to be able to send out qualified electricians at any time of the day or night on weekends and on holidays, as you never know when an emergency situation might arise. The landlord has a duty to ensure their properties are kept in a reasonable state and tenants have a right to expect that all electrical equipment is is in good working order.  

Proper procedures need to be out in place for submitting and agreeing to or questioning estimates, billing and payment to keep both partners in the arrangement satisfied. It is vital to have clear lines of responsibility for authorizing work to be carried out and any budgetary restrictions. Like any business relationship, it will work better where people on both sides can trust and have confidence in the judgments of the others.

On top of all these standard requirements, the electrical contractor you choose must be able to operate with discretion. If an electrician is called out to a tenant’s home, for example, for a minor job and in the course of his work identifies a more serious problem, you would want him to come to you first, rather than worrying or aggravating the tenant. Also, if a tenant identifies an additional electrical issue, the contractor needs to clear with you first whether the work should be undertaken at that point or at a more convenient time. You want to make sure that the electricians perform their work professionally and leave the property in a clean and tidy state after each visit. While the tenant may be present when the work is carried out, it is important for the electrician to remember that ultimately he is working for the landlord.

Once you have found an electrical contractor who you can work with and who meets all your requirements for delivering a full electrical service in Los Angeles for the properties for which you are responsible, you can rest easy and know that both tenants and landlords are being well looked after. Then you can turn your mind to other matters. There are contractors for other services that you also need to check out and engage.