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A Simple Electrical Repair for Los Angeles Homeowners: Replacing a Three Prong Plug

It’s easy to do – you have moved an item of furniture, and in pushing it against a wall have managed to snap the wire almost off the plug of your TV. It doesn’t look safe to carry on using it. If you have a spare power cord that fits, all well and good, but if you don’t, save yourself the expense of buying a new one and give yourself the satisfaction of completing a simple electrical repair in your Los Angeles home.

You will need a screwdriver and wire strippers and a wire cutter. The first thing to do is to cut off the plug using the wire cutters. If the plug itself has not been damaged, you can reconnect it, otherwise buy a new one. If reusing the plug, slip off the housing and loosen the screws on the connectors so you can remove and discard the ends of the wire.

Then use the strippers to remove just under an inch of the protective casing of the cord. Be careful not to cut into the insulating layer around each of the three wires inside as you may damage the actual wire. Then use the wire strippers again to remove about half of the casing of the individual wires. Again, be careful not to cut into the wire itself.

Thread the wires through the plug housing. Now connect the three wires to the plug. This is the most important part as you must make sure to connect the correct wire to the correct prong, otherwise you are creating a shock hazard. The hot wire is colored black and it connects to the brass screw which is attached to the narrower blade. The neutral wire is white and connects to the silver colored screw which is attached to the wider blade. The green wire is the ground and it connects to the round prong in the center.

Twist the ends of the loose wires together so that the strands do not fray. If one touches another part of the plug which can conduct electricity, it could cause a short circuit. If the plug is of the type where you need to wrap the ends of the wires around the screws, always do this in a clockwise direction. This means that when you tighten the screw, the wire is tightened as well, making a better connection.

When replacing the plug housing, check that the three individual wires are not exposed at the point the housing ends. This is a vulnerable spot where pressure can easily cause damage. Any fully exposed wire poses a risk of electric shock or even fire. If the casing of any of the individual wires is exposed, undo the connections and shorten the wire ends.

Screw everything up securely, plug the TV into the outlet, switch on and see if your work has been successful. If it doesn’t work, take the plug apart again, check your connections are correct and secure and then try again. If it still does not work then your furniture moving may have damaged more than just the power cord and you may need to call in professional help from a certified electrician. If it does work, give yourself a pat on the back. You have saved the expense of a new cord and you have successfully completed an electrical repair.