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Electrical Installation of Home Cinema in your Los Angeles Home

Most people enjoy settling down to watch a good movie and these days you can improve on the theater experience by having your own home cinema system. No more being bothered by other viewers chatting during the key scenes or rustling their popcorn in a quiet moment. Just sit back and relax with a top quality picture and surround sound to make the story really come alive. To get the best from your system, you need a professional electrical installation in your Los Angeles Home.


Home theater systems work best in rooms with little natural light or with heavy drapes or shades that can block out the light when you want to watch a movie. A room that is a regular the shape is more suitable than one with nooks or alcoves as these can interfere with the the sound waves. A bigger room will be able to comfortably accommodate a bigger screen size and more closely match a commercial theater. 


These days there is a vast array of home cinema equipment to choose from. For screens you can opt for a projector screen, which offers the largest size, a plasma for high quality pictures or an LCD. Technology in this area is advancing all the time with thinner, lighter and more energy efficient screens coming onto the market. For the audio, you can assemble your components separately or purchase a complete kit made by one manufacturer. To obtain the optimum surround sound experience a minimum of five speakers is recommended; two front, two rear and a sub-woofer for that rumbling bass. If you have a smart TV which is connected to the internet you can stream movies directly, or incorporate another device with internet access. A device incorporating a hard drive for storing downloads and a DVD player, so you can continue to enjoy those movies you already have, are also key.


Once the placement of the components within the room has been agreed, the installation can begin. All the necessary wiring and cabling can be retro fitted within your wall cavities to create a clean and sleek appearance with no unsightly tangles. The screen can be wall mounted to maximize the space available for the audience. The speakers too can be wall mounted or even recessed into your walls for the ultimate in stylish presentation.


The whole system can be automated to run from one remote control or a wall mounted panel, whichever you prefer. This can also control the lighting in the room as well as the cinema system, so whoever has the remote or is nearest to the panel is fully in charge. At the touch of a few buttons, you can move seamlessly from watching broadcast television to a program you recorded earlier, a movie or playing music. All you need now is someone to bring you some popcorn and a cold drink. Unfortunately that is not included in the automation service.

If you are gong to the expense of purchasing good quality equipment, you don’t want to waste it by not getting the setup and wiring done correctly. To make sure it is working at its best, your system needs to be professionally installed by a certified electrician. He can ensure the wiring is safe, as well as being hidden, add any necessary additional circuits to your electrical panel and make sure the work complies with the electrical code. Not only will your cinema system bring many enjoyable hours with the family all together, the electrical installation will also add to the value of your Los Angeles home.