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Better Bathrooms – Ideas from an Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles

Once a purely functional area, the modern bathroom has developed into a place for relaxation and a little pampering. Your “Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles” can help you to achieve the right combination of useful features and luxurious touches to make all your bathrooms the best they can be.


For practical purposes, it is important that every bathroom is fitted with a suitable fan that is working efficiently. Condensation often forms on walls, ceilings and just about every surface in a bathroom when someone takes a hot shower or a bath. Build up of moisture in a poorly ventilated bathroom provides the perfect conditions for various types of mold to grow, including toxic molds that are harmful to health. The best way to prevent mold growth is to help your bathroom dry out as quickly as possible and a fan does this job for you with no fuss.

The fan can be wired in to start working as soon as the bathroom light is switched on and some modern fans even incorporate a light, which makes them look more attractive and a part of your overall design.


in many homes, hot water for the shower is supplied from a tank connected to a water heater. A popular option these days is to have an electric shower which just heats up the water as you use it. This means that you are not wasting power in heating water that will not be used, making the electric shower more energy efficient. In addition, these showers incorporate a pump which serves to counteract the problem of low water pressure.

An electric version also enables several people to take a shower in quick succession without having to wait for the tank to reheat or finding that the water starts running cold when the tank is exhausted.

Because of the risks posed by electricity in close proximity to water, the installation of an electric shower should only be undertaken by a professional certified electrician. Sound sealant around the unit and proper grounding of the circuit are required for safety.


Bathroom lighting needs to be bright enough for daily grooming tasks but not so bright it produces too much glare, which is a possibility with the highly reflective surfaces of tiled walls. Task lights positioned on either side or along the top of the mirror deliver a pool of light for essential early morning rituals without casting the shadows often created by ceiling lights.

Recessed downlights within a shower stall or over a bathtub need to project a clear light and their housings should include shades to prevent glare. If members of your household enjoy a soak and a good read at the same time, consider placing a light to illuminate the right area.

Occupancy sensors, which automatically switch lights on as someone enters and off after they have left, can be helpful for trips in the night and for anyone who forgets to switch lights off.

When looking for bathroom lighting fixtures, only consider those designed for use in wet areas for safety reasons. These days there is a huge amount of choice. There are even bathroom chandeliers for an opulent and elegant look.

As a final touch of luxury, you can’t beat a heated towel rail positioned so that you can wrap yourself in a warm towel right after you step out of the shower.

Your Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles can help and advise you on all aspects of electricity in the bathroom to turn a uninspiring space into your own mini spa with both safety and beauty.