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Finding a Reliable Electrical Contractor

As a home or business owner, you know that you are going to need the services of professional electricians at some point. Whether it is for remodeling, renovation, installing new equipment or upgrading you power supply, it makes sense to establish an on going relationship with a reliable electrical contractor. That way, you won’t have […]

Ask Your Electrical Company about Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

The National Fire Protection Association’s statistics show that there were over 1.3million fires reported in the US in 2012. Of these, just under half a million were structure fires which caused just under 2,500 deaths, over 14,500 injuries and nearly $10 billion in damage to property. Almost two thirds of deaths in home fires occurred […]

Commercial Electric Services for Better Business

Partnering with an efficient and reliable contractor to provide all your electric services can be a vital contributory factor to the success of your business. Electricity is the power behind so many aspects of our lives that it is easy to take for granted. Powering all aspects of your business is a key concern and […]

An Easy Electrical Repair – Fixing a Broken Lamp

If you have a table or standard lamp with a flickering light or one that does not come on at all – don’t despair! Fixing it is a relatively simple electrical repair that you can undertake at home as long as you take sensible safety precautions. Check bulb and outlet The first step is to […]