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Electrical Repair for Los Angeles Homeowners

You have snapped the wire almost off the plug of your TV. Save yourself the expense of buying a new power cord and give yourself the satisfaction of completing a simple electrical repair in your Los Angeles home. You will need a screwdriver and wire strippers and a wire cutter. Discard the ends of the […]

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Los Angeles

It may not be as exciting as upgrading your car but an electrical panel upgrade for your Los Angeles home could be a better investment. The most common reason for an upgrade is to keep up with today’s power hungry homes which need 200 amps. In 2008, the Consumer Safety Institute declared that Zisco and […]

Lighting Fixtures in Los Angeles

The skilled designer has a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose from when making recommendations for your Los Angeles home or business. High Level Lights For a bold statement that always attracts attention, you can’t beat a chandelier. Pendant lights can be used to provide general light or task lighting if they hang lower […]

Coping with Outages: Advice from an Emergency Electrician

Unfortunately power outages are a fact of life that we all have to cope with from time to time. Power companies occasionally need to schedule an outage to perform essential maintenance on their systems and mother nature can bring down power lines and causes prolonged outages when she has a mind to. Below, an Emergency […]