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Is it Time to Rewire Your Home?

Electricity is something people tend to take for granted and because much of the wiring is hidden behind walls, often it is not given much thought.  Having your home rewired is a major undertaking and not to be decided without proper consideration. But there are some circumstances that make it necessary and others where it might be is a wise investment and something you should build in to your plans for the future. Below are some of the reasons why having your home electrical wiring checked and possibly replaced is a wise move.

Repeated electrical problems

If you suffer from repeated problems such as bulbs or fuses blowing, failure of outlets or switches or sparks being emitted, these may be signs of a bigger underlying problem. One or more of your circuits may have become degraded or connections have worked loose. If a failure just happens once, it may well be a bad bulb or a faulty appliance, but repetition indicates something more serious.

Safety first is always the consideration when it comes to dealing with electricity. Arc faults are the diagnosed cause of over half of electrical fires in the home and often result from faulty wiring. A professional electrician will be able to advise you, but rewiring may be the best solution.

Insufficient outlets or insufficient power

Nowadays American homes require more and more power to run all the appliances and devices that are an integral aspect of modern living. Thirty years ago an average home used as much power as an air conditioning system uses today.

Older homes, even those only twenty or thirty years old may have insufficient power for everything that you want to use. Extension cords are designed only for temporary use and pulling too much power from one outlet or circuit can lead to overloading and arcing, which puts you and your family at risk. Rather than just adding an additional outlet, you may need additional circuits and it may be more cost effective in the long run to consider having your home rewired.

Older homes

Wiring degrades over time and can be susceptible to damage from water, severe weather, rodents and even ants. If you have an older home that has not been rewired in the last twenty years it is sensible to have a check up of your electrical systems every few years to make sure all is in order.   Even if everything seems to be running normally it is as well to check that no hidden faults are starting to develop.

Selling your home

If you are planning to sell your home, especially if you have an older home, having it rewired before you move out is something you and your Realtor can market as a selling point, rather than a draw back for potential purchasers.

If you do decide that your home needs wiring, then you need to find a reliable electrical contractor to undertake this work. A major job like this requires a professional touch to make sure all the the wiring and electrical panel are all properly and safely installed. Professional can also deal with any permits that are required and certify that the work is all done in compliance with the relevant codes.

But before you contact a contractor, it is worth while to spend some time thinking carefully about which appliances and devices you want to have access to in the different areas of your home. Plan for the future and build in some spare capacity so that you can add further devices as necessary. You could also consider having structured wiring installed that carries all your data for a home computer and TV services. Then your contractor will have a good idea of your electrical needs and will be able to plan you home electrical wiring to meet your individual requirements.


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