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Safety Issues and Electricity Projects

Safety Issues When Working on Electricity Projects

Even professionals who have been employed in the industry for decades need to be careful with electrical work. However, when you’re taking care of your own small-scale electrical work at home, it’s even more important that you’re safe, since it’s unlikely that you have the same training or experience as a professional electrician.

Below are some of the major safety precautions that you should take when working on an electrical project.

Tools and Gear

When you’re about to take on a small-scale electricity project, make sure that you have the appropriate tools and safety gear necessary. Safety gear for electrical projects includes gloves, masks, appropriate shoes and glasses, so that you’re not putting yourself in danger when you start on the electrical work. If you need to use a ladder, make sure that the ladder is absolutely not aluminum. If you don’t have the gear and tools needed, don’t even think about getting started until you do.

Is the Power off?

Once you’ve got all of your gear on, and all of your tools set-up, make sure that all of the power is turned off. If you’re unsure, you can purchase a device from a hardware store that can find out for you, so you don’t have to put yourself in harms way when working on your own electrical work.

Monitor the Weather

It’s common knowledge that a heavy storm may cause electrical problems in your home or place of work. You can protect the electricity in your home or office by using surge protectors on all of your most important devices, so you don’t run the risk of a massive storm or flood affecting your equipment. When you have surge protectors installed in your home or office, you can save on the amount of electrical work that must take place as a result of a power outage due to a storm or flood.

If you absolutely need to work on an electrical project in wet conditions for some reason, make sure that your hands are not wet and that you’re wearing water-proof boots and clothing to prevent electrical shock. You really should never have to work on an electrical project in this type of weather, as electrical work in wet weather is something best left to the professionals.

Be Vocal

If you’re working on an electrical project in your home or office, make sure that you let other people know what you’re working on and try to place signs on the circuit panel, so that people know that the power is off for a reason. If you don’t, you run the risk of someone turning the power back on when you’re in the middle of the job, which could cause a large problem for you safety-wise. It’s also smart to have someone with you when you’re work on your electrical project, so that you’re not alone in case something goes wrong.

Also, make sure that you and those around you are trained in CPR and electrical safety.

Should I Hire a Professional?

Before taking on any electrical work, it’s best to determine if this project is something that you can handle without the help of a professional. If you do your research, you can find a professional who is able to take care of your electrical work, without charging you an arm and a leg. In cases when you just don’t think you have enough knowledge or experience to handle your electrical work, it’s always best to be safe, rather than sorry, and go with a professional.   


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