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Looking for Los Angeles Electricians?

Looking for Los Angeles Electricians?

Los Angeles was at the forefront of development and became the first city in the US to switch from gas to electricity for its street lighting, in 1883, when there were 242 street lamps! In 1889 the Los Angeles Electric Company had 235 customers.1917 saw the completion of the first municipal electricity plant powered by the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Since that time, the population has multiplied many times over and now there are around 4 million customers for electricity in the Los Angeles area.

Now that we have so many appliances and devices that use electricity to power them, it is hard to imagine life without it. We all rely on electricity every day for our homes, businesses and many leisure activities. When  you decide to remodel your home or business premises, it is natural to want to redesign lighting, add extra outlets, or upgrade your electrical panel. Whatever improvements you are making, it is likely that electricity will have a part to play. Then you have to consider how to find the best Los Angeles Electrician to work with.

Finding an Electrician

Here are some issues you should consider to help you choose the best company to undertake your work.

  • Does the company employ licensed and bonded electricians and do they have insurance cover? California requires that any work costing more than $500 is undertaken by licensed workers.  To obtain a license, electricians have to have several years experience and pass an exam to prove they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to operate safely.
  • Will the company obtain any necessary permits for you? A reputable company will sort out the required permits right at the start of any job.
  • Will the electrical work require drilling holes, opening up walls or ceilings, or other structural work? If so, it is worth considering finding a company that has the necessary licenses to undertake building work as well as electrical. This way enables you to deal with just one company and be clear who is carrying out the work, rather than having to find another company yourself or allowing sub-contracting. 
  • Does the company have a clear pricing structure so you know at the outset what the work will cost? You don’t want to be surprised at the end of a job by a unexpectedly large bill.
  • Have they carried out similar work in the past? Especially if you are undertaking a major project, you want to be confident that the company you are looking at will be able to handle it.
  • Is the guy they have sent to meet you someone that you feel comfortable with and who really understands your vision and your needs? If you are going to be working with his company, you need to feel that you can raise issues and be heard, after all, you are the customer.

Any company is going to tell you that they are going to do a good job, but the real test is often to be found in the views of people who have used them before. Any testimonials or references from previous customers can really give you the inside picture of what the work was like, how the operatives conducted themselves, whether they were polite, respectful of their customers and their homes, whether they cleaned up after themselves and whether the work was completed on time and within budget.

When you find Los Angeles Electricians that meet all these conditions, you have laid solid foundations for the successful completion of your project.  After the project is completed, consider leaving a testimonial or giving feedback so the company and other customers can benefit from your insights.


Issues to consider when looking to contract with Los Angeles Electricians. These include:

Look for a company that uses licensed electricians and has insurance cover. California requires that any work costing more than $500 is undertaken by licensed workers.

A reputable company will deal with any necessary permits at the start of a job.

If structural work is needed, find a company that also has a building license.

Check completion of similar work in the past, so you can be sure they can handle your job.

Above all, look for testimonials and comments from previous customers who can really tell you how it was for them.


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