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A Los Angeles Electrician Explains the Benefits of Ceiling Fans

If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of ceiling fans, you are really missing out. There are three distinct ways in which ceiling fans can help to improve your quality of life, which are discussed below. They are: adding a point of interest to your decor, keeping down the cost of cooling in the summer and reducing the costs of heating in the winter. It is always advisable to have a Los Angeles Electrician install your ceiling fans because of the need for a proper brace box to support the weight of the fan and to ensure that the electrical wiring and connections are safe.

Creating a Focal Point

These days there is a fantastic variety of ceiling fans available to suit any style of decoration. Some incorporate a light, usually fitted below, but sometimes above the blades, which can create interesting shadows. The number of blades varies with fans made to look like cart wheels or airplane propellers, and a number of  new designs have no blades at all. Rustic or urban, traditional or contemporary, there are fans for all styles and budgets. Don’t restrict your choice to your living room, as a ceiling fan makes a stylish and practical addition to a bedroom, basement or den as well.

When considering purchasing a fan, take into account the size of the area where it will be fitted to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. A small fan in a large room is unlikely to have sufficient impact. Also, it is worth paying a few extra dollars to buy a fan with proper insulation for noise reduction so you are not disturbed by its working.

For the Summer

In the summer months, you should set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise. Keeping the air moving helps you to feel cooler and prevents a room from becoming stuffy. Running a fan uses much less electricity than your air conditioning, so when the weather hots up, rather than adjust your thermostat, run  your fans instead. They will reduce the temperature a few degrees at much lower cost than using your AC.

For those who enjoy outdoor living, you can also have a ceiling fan installed outside, to help cool your patio or deck area. There are special fans made to be used out of doors in covered areas and others with more robust housing than can operate in uncovered areas and will tolerate exposure to wind, rain or a salty ocean breeze.

For the Winter

When there is a chill in the weather, set your fans to rotate clockwise. Warmer air rises towards the ceiling. Fan blades turning clockwise push this warmer air downwards to where you and your family can feel the benefit. It makes more sense to keep the lower part of the room warm than heating the ceiling! As in the summer, you don’t need to adjust your thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature and so your fans help you save on your heating bills as well.

For proper maintenance of your fans and to ensure they are working efficiently, make sure the blades are balanced and dust them regularly. Your Los Angeles Electrician can advise you on the appropriate size and type of fan that would best suit different areas within and outside your home and perform a safe and clean installation, so that you can begin to enjoy the benefits of ceiling fans all year round. 


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