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Light Up Your Life with new Lighting Fixtures

How you light up your home plays an important part in creating the right ambiance. Highlighting beautiful architectural features or favorite objects and works of art, maintaining safety and providing good light levels for undertaking tasks are all ways in which light can deliver the effects you want and really give your home the wow factor.

Not everybody wants the same and different types of light fixture suit different rooms, moods, and activities. The aim of good lighting design is to come up with solutions that meet all your needs for functionality, creativity and setting the right tone.

Below the effects and uses of the most popular types of lighting fixtures are discussed to give you some food for thought when considering a change to your decor.

Ceiling lights

Light that are on the ceiling are used to provide general lighting and are especially useful in areas with lower ceilings and in places with a need for a good level of light at all times such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights hanging down from the ceiling are a more obvious style feature and are especially suited to rooms with high ceilings. Pendant lights also offer a space saving way to create task lighting if they are placed directly over a desk, table, or kitchen work surfaces, for example.


Chandeliers make a strong statement as they attract the eye, and can be used to set the style for the whole area. Popular in dining rooms, living areas and hallways, chandeliers are now increasingly being used to add a touch of luxury and drama to bedrooms. Most commonly providing general light, with the use of reflectors and shades the light can be more specifically directed if required.

Wall lights

Wall lighting is particularly suited to providing accent light over a picture or painting, for example, or to light up a recess or alcove. Wall lights can also deliver task lighting if placed above a table or mirror and save the space that a lamp requires. Be careful not to place wall lights where they interfere with the passage of traffic in your home. Many wall lights are made to match ceiling lights to create an overall style in your living area.

Recessed lights

Recessed lights are embedded out of sight leaving the bulb flush with your ceiling or other surface. Both wide angle and narrow spotlights are made to be recessed, allowing for the production of general ambient light as well as task and accent lighting. Recessed lights set in the bottom of kitchen cabinets deliver focused light for food preparation while lights at floor level are becoming increasingly popular to create interest. How the lights are spaced produces different effects. For example, recessed ceiling lights set close to a wall generate more reflection and brightness but can result in stark shadows as the light meets a picture.

Track lighting

Track lighting is ideal for task and accent lighting as it focuses light on several different points, such as art works, areas of your kitchen, or side tables, and offers great versatility as the angle of each light can easily be modified to suit your changing needs. The current available styles are generally more suited to contemporary rather than traditional homes but the tracks and lights can create dramatic effects wherever they are placed.

With so many different types of lighting fixtures to choose from, the job of deciding which is right for you may seem daunting. Fortunately, many electrical companies are experts in this area and can help you to create the home you want by offering advice on the suitability of the various lighting options as well as installing them for you. Good lighting design can really lighten up you life.


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