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Home Security and Safety in the Home: Your Electrical Company can Help

Home Security and Safety in the Home: Your Electrical Company can Help

An electrical company offers a range of products and services, some of which, such as lighting design, make your home more beautiful and comfortable, while others have a wholly practical purpose, such as circuit breakers and alarm systems. Here we take a look at ways to keep your home safe and secure.

Home Security

Keeping your home safe is a concern for everyone. No-one wants their home to be burglarized, lose possessions and suffer damage to their property. These days there are a variety of ways to help keep your home secure.

These include:

Exterior lighting

Keeping the outside of your home well lit can deter burglars and and expose any suspicious activity. Lights activated by motion sensors offer a useful way to only use energy when someone is about and can act an early warning to occupants of the property that someone is approaching.

Security cameras and CCTV

Strategically placed cameras will deter opportunist burglars. They can also be operated with motion sensors so are only in operation when you need them.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems offer another way to keep intruders off your property and only allow welcome visitors into your home.

Burglar alarms

These days alarm systems can be triggered by motion, temperature and humidity as well as actually breaking in to your home. Modern technology  allows information from alarm systems to be sent wirelessly direct to your computer or telephone.

Safety in the Home

Over time everything begins to wear out: electrical connections can work loose, cords get damaged and hazards can develop. You should be aware of the signs that there is a problem so you can call for professional help and minimize any risk of accident or fire.

These are signs to look out for:

Switches and outlets

If an outlet stops working, becomes hot or makes a buzzing or cracking sound, or if there is discoloration on the wall around a switch or outlet, you should stop using it and have it investigated as soon as possible. Light bulbs repeatedly burning out quickly can also indicate a problem.


You should not use any appliance or device that has a broken or damaged cord. Any exposed wires constitute a serious shock hazard. Try to curl cords so they do not kink, as this can lead to cracking of the casing, and be careful not to cause a trip hazard with loose cords.


Using extension cords with multiple outlets to increase the number of appliances powered from the same outlet can lead to overloading. This can cause damage to your appliances as well as the wiring.

Electrical hazards should not be taken lightly. Each year there are an average of 50,900 house fires which have arisen from some sort of electrical problem. More than half of those develop from arc faults, which are caused by overheated wiring or appliances. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) are required to be fitted in all new homes under the National Electric Code, but older homes can also benefit from their installation.

In addition to circuit breakers, smoke alarms can help to keep your family members safe, if a fire does break out. It is important that any smoke alarms are installed in the right places to detect smoke at the earliest opportunity and that they are tested regularly to make sure they are in proper working order. 

A good electrical company will be able to offer you advice about security systems and safety in the home. If there are any problems, they can repair or replace wiring and outlets, install circuit breakers, alarms and sensors. Overall they can play a major role in keeping you, your family and your home safe and secure. 

An electrical company offers a range of products and services, some of which  are designed to keep your home safe and secure.


Home Security

Ways to help keep your home secure include exterior lighting, security cameras, intercom systems and burglar alarms.

Safety in the Home

Inside the home electrical hazards can develop leading to fire risk. Signs that there is a problem include crackling and buzzing outlets, discoloration around switches and outlets, damaged or tangled cords, and overloading of outlets. Fire risk can be decreased through the use of AFCIs and risk of damage or injury can be reduces with a smoke alarm.



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