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Home Improvements: Ideas from an Electrical Contractor

It might be more common to ask an interior designer for some remodeling tips, but these days, electrical contractors can offer an exciting range of ideas which can transform your home into a special place meeting the needs of your family for luxurious living. Below is a quick tour around a house with some ideas for each area.

The Kitchen

Often the heart of the home, the kitchen and dining areas are high use areas for electricity with multiple appliances, some, such as the refrigerator  on all the time. Lighting design can create a comfortable ambiance and dimmer switches on overhead lighting make for an intimate experience when eating at a table or counter. But strong focused lighting is needed in the areas where food is prepared, so a different solution is required.  An often overlooked aspect of kitchen remodeling is the location of electrical outlets, which may not be in the best possible place. Even minor changes can improve the functionality of your kitchen.

The Bathroom

Electricity and water make a dangerous combination, so it is always advisable to engage the services of a professional to make any alterations to electrics in a bathroom. That said, these days there is a fantastic range of options for bathroom lighting including lights around mirrors and cabinets, floor level lighting and even lights inside shower cabinets that change color as the water hots up. Well placed lighting of the right color and intensity can make a bathroom a welcome place for relaxation and pampering.

The Living Areas

With the increase of modern technology and multiplication of devices to access digital media, some areas of our homes can become a jungle of cabling and chargers littered around electrical outlets. Addi tonal outlets will relieve some of the pressure. Installing cabling behind the walls for home cinema systems and digital music systems creates a cleaner look and provides a sophisticated lifestyle at the touch of a button on a remote or wall panel.

The Outside

Outdoor living is something we Californians are renowned for and  strategically placed lighting can enhance the look of your garden or patio area. Spotlights on a single tree make it really stand out as a focal point. Motion sensors fitted to lighting systems deter opportunist intruders and light the way for visiting friends and other guests.

Utility Areas

If you are considering moving to use an electric or hybrid vehicle a charging point can be installed in your garage or other utility area. If your home is is on older one, it may be time for an upgrade of your electrical panel, to ensure that the capacity is sufficient for all your electrical needs and that all the necessary circuit breakers are in place. Safety is always an important factor where electricity is concerned.

For major electrical works, always use a licensed contractor. Then you can be sure the work will be carried out safely, in compliance with all the relevant codes. Contractors have to undergo comprehensive training and pass detailed exams to obtain their license.

If you are looking to improve you home, an electrical contractor can offer a multiplicity of solutions to meet your needs and aspirations. Helping you to create the right environment to live life to the full and enjoy your time spent at home in the company of friends and family, electrical services can turn a house into a home.


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