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Use an Electrician in Los Angeles to Give Your Home a Clean Bill of Electrical Health

Many of us pay a regular visit to our physician for a check up, even if we are not suffering from any symptoms. We know that sometimes illnesses or conditions can creep up on us slowly without us being aware of them and that early treatment and prevention of major problems is the best way. The same applies to our electrical systems. We tend to take electricity for granted because it does its work unseen, but in the same way as having a health check for ourselves, your system will benefit from a regular check by an Electrician in Los Angeles. Any problems or issues that are identified can be fixed before serious damage is allowed to occur, which will save you money in the long run.

There are particular times when it is vital to have an inspection. These are: when you wish to sell your home, if you have a major new installation or undertake extensive remodeling, when you add a major new appliance or make changes to the wiring, such as adding in new circuits. But it also makes sense to have periodic inspections, every three years is recommended, even if you are not considering making changes. Wires and connections can degrade over time, and, as much of your electrical system is hidden, these issues may not be obvious until it is too late.

A good electrical inspection will cover the following areas:

Entrance - This is where the electricity from your utility company enters your home. It is important to check that the area is well insulated, free from dirt and grime and any obstructions that may damage the wiring.

Panel and any sub panels – Your electrical panel controls the supply of electricity into your home. These days homes require 200 amps to allow for the running of all the appliances and devices that are so much a part of modern living. Any deficiency in the supply can be corrected with a panel upgrade. The electrician will also inspect the circuit breakers to check they are working properly and that the circuits are not overloaded. Additional circuits can be installed in the panel or in a sub panel, if required.

Grounding – While all new homes are now required to be built with proper grounding, this was not considered an important issue in the past, at a time when people had far fewer electrical appliances than they do now. Older homes which do not have proper grounding will require remedial work.

Wiring An electrical inspection will not involve exposure of hidden wiring, but by testing the visible connections, outlets and switches, the electrician will be able to see if your wiring is in order.

Outlets and switches – The inspector will consider whether you have a sufficient number of outlets to meet your needs and check to see that you are not relying on extension cords for permanent use, as well as determining whether all your outlets and switches are working safely. Outlets fitted with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are now required for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas in close proximity to water. GFCI outlets  can easily be fitted if they are not already in place.

If you are worried about any electrical issues in your home or feel that it is time your systems had a thorough health check, call an electrician in Los Angeles today.  A quick call can set you on the road to peace of mind about the safety of your family or get you booked in for an early appointment to bring your electricals up to standard before any serious problems occur. 


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