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Electrical Service and Green Building

Green Building and How to Make Your Electrical System “Greener”

Green building, which can often also be referred to as sustainable building, is the process of being environmentally conscious when working on a building throughout the entire process. Green Building does not only happen in the initial design phase, but it lasts throughout the life cycle of the building, including the continual operation of the building. When working on Green Building, it’s the job of everyone involved to ensure that the building design, construction and maintenance is a group project and not one that is only left to a specific industry or professional.

How Does Green Building Work?

Green Building uses resources in order to maintain the health, overall production and well being of the building’s tenants. Green Building’s when done right, take the environment into consideration and strive to reduce the negative environmental effects that buildings have. Green Buildings often cost less money to run than other buildings, so it is often in your best interest to consider a Green Building when you’re thinking about renovation or construction for long-term benefits.

How to Make Your Electrical System “Greener”

While not all of us are easily able to make our entire home or place of employment more “green” without starting from scratch, there are definitely various ways that we can personally make our electrical systems more “green,” which will provide long-term benefits.

You can complete some of these suggestions yourself while others require the help of an electrical service professional.

Turn Your Lights Off

This one is easy and something we all often forget to do. It’s simple, turning your lights off when you’re not in the room uses less power. While running the air conditioner and the furnace do use a lot of electricity, lights take up their fair share of power as well. Turning your lights off when you’re not in the room really can save you money. Another great tip is to replace as many light bulbs as possible with LED or fluorescent bulbs, which can be expensive to purchase but will help save you money on your electricity bill.

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Think About Your Lighting

This is where you might require the help of a professional electrical service professional or lighting designer. When you are renovating a space or working on a new residential or commercial construction project, it’s important to have a thorough think about what the spaces will be used for when thinking about lighting. Light all spaces according to the activities that will take place in those spaces. If it’s a kitchen that you’re lighting, only light the areas that you need – the same can be said for an office space. It’s also important to think about light switches, so people occupying the space don’t need to travel too far to turn a light off.

When thinking about lighting your space, don’t forget to use windows as key sources of light, which is an important step to think about from the beginning of building planning.

Don’t Heat Empty Spaces

This winter has been a chilly one, so it’s no wonder your heating bill has been high. You can hire an electric service professional to install a thermostat that is programmable into your home, so that you can control the heat (or air conditioning) in individual rooms of your home or office. If someone isn’t using a particular space, there is no reason to heat it. Programmable thermostats will help you monitor your heat and make sure that you’re not wasting money heating (or cooling) empty spaces.

Consider Solar Power

It is becoming more common for homes and businesses to consider installing solar cells. Using solar power in your residence or workplace can lower the costs of your energy bills and ensure that your building is more environmentally friendly. While installing solar cells comes with a high upstart cost, the long-term cost savings are what you should be thinking about when considering installing them in your home or business.


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