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Electrical Installations for Business

When constructing new commercial or industrial premises or converting an existing building, the electrical installation work forms a major part. After all, just about everything these days is powered by electricity. It is crucial that this electrical work is done right to comply with statutory codes, to keep your workforce and customers safe, and to keep your business running smoothly.

Your electrical contractor will be able to advise you, in collaboration with your architect or designer, on ways to achieve your vision for the business and then manage the installation so you get things up and running as quickly as possible.

Machinery and computers

An adequate power supply for your machinery is vital. Your electricians will make the necessary calculations to determine the power required, deal with all the necessary permits and complete the building of the circuits so your machinery can operate smoothly.

If lengthy or repeated outages would severely disrupt your business, you could have an emergency generator installed to take the strain when necessary. Your electrical contractor can also advise about using machinery at times of lower demand and powering down when not in use so that you can save money and assist in minimizing demands for energy at peak times.

These days, every business needs computers. Instead of a jungle of wires and cords, all the cabling can be recessed into walls and floors or ceilings to prevent any tripping hazards, and transforming the work space into a more ordered and productive environment.


Design and installation of appropriate lighting has a huge impact on your business. Bright light is needed for the operation of machinery. Track lighting highlights particular products, spot lights can draw a customer’s eye to a special feature you want to promote. Motion or other sensors can be installed to work the lights and ensure that energy is not wasted when a room or area is unoccupied.

Exterior lighting can get your business noted and provide a measure of security for both your employees, your customers and your premises. A well lit parking lot makes people feel safe and attractive signage will attract them to your business. 

Outlets and Panel

The installation of outlets, switches and the electrical panel require thought as to number and location depending on predicted use. Running too many devices or appliances from one outlet can result in overloading the circuit so better to opt for more outlets rather than less. The panel needs to be easily accessible but discreetly located and fitted with the correct fuses and circuit breakers for the various circuits.


Once your new building is complete and everything is in working order, don’t get complacent. Over time, connections work loose, machinery breaks down, and wires become damaged. An important part of electrical installation is a program of regular inspection and maintenance, so that any warning signs of degradation or near failure can be spotted before they become serious problems. A routine of planned inspections will ensure continued code compliance and the safety of all concerned.

Electrical installation is an important and sometimes dangerous business. Left to the professionals it can be carried out cleanly, safely and with the minimum of disruption so that you can concentrate on what you do best – running your own business.


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