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When You should Contract with an Electrical Company and What You Should Look For

Electricity is powerful, dangerous and invisible, a combination of factors that can lead to injury and damage if you attempt electrical work without the necessary knowledge and skills. While many householders can safely undertake minor electrical jobs, such as rewiring a plug or fixing a dimmer switch, it is easy for the unwary to get caught out by making the wrong choices of equipment or failing to understand when a wire is live.

If you are thinking of doing any electrical work in areas where water is a prominent feature, such as a bathroom or utility area, or if you are looking to run wiring underground, for example, particular conditions apply. You would be wise to employ a professional to make sure the correct conduits and  breakers are used, and compliance with all the relevant safety codes is achieved.

Californian law requires that any work valued at $500 or more is undertaken by licensed workers. This is not designed to make work for electricians, rather it is to ensure the safety of the supply for all users. You may have difficulty in selling your home if you have carried out electrical work yourself that cannot be demonstrated to have been undertaken correctly.

Choosing an Electrical Company


Look for a company that employs fully licensed electricians. To obtain a license, workers have to undergo lengthy training and pass detailed exams to ensure they can work safely and meet the requirement of statutory codes. If your work includes major remodeling that involves structural changes to the building, look for a company that has licensed builders as well, so that the whole project can be planned and undertaken as one.

Permits and Guarantees

A good company will handle applying for any necessary permits and guarantee compliance with safety codes. A company works hard to develop a reputation for reliable and cost effective work and offering a guarantee helps to ensure that work undertaken continues to maintain high standards.

Clear Pricing

A clear pricing structure means you understand exactly what you will be paying for different elements of the job right from the start rather than being presented with an unpleasant surprise at the end.


Especially if you are undertaking a major project, find out if the company has completed similar work before to a good standard and on time. Look for testimonials form previous clients.

Customer Service

You want to find a company that will listen carefully to you and really try to understand your needs and aspirations, so they can turn them into a reality. Good customer service means treating you with respect, showing up when they say they will, answering any questions you may have, explaining jargon, and leaving your home clean and tidy.


It is advisable to get a number of quotes for a job from different companies. But remember that the lowest does not necessarily represent the best value for money. A very low quote might indicate that the company is desperate for work, or uses unlicensed labor or substandard materials.

The bottom line is that you need to find people that you feel you can trust and work comfortably with. Once you have found the right people, have them draw up a written contract, so both sides know what to expect from the other. Congratulations! You have now laid the foundations for the accomplishment of a safe and successful project with the electrical company of your choice.


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